History of Osage Manhattan Builders

Osage Manhattan Builders, LLC (OMB), a majority Native-American owned construction firm, provides Construction Management, General Contracting, Owner Representative, and Design-Build services for public, government and privately funded new construction, renovations, and remodels. Through partnership, OMB offers 104 years of construction expertise.

OMB’s company mission is to provide Indian Country with superior Native-American contracting services.

In February 2010, Osage, LLC. joined forces and resources as majority partner with Manhattan Construction Company to form OMB. Osage, LLC. was established in 2008 through a resolution by the Osage Nation of Congress to manage the Osage Nation’s business activities separate from the affairs of Tribal Government. Manhattan Construction Company, the oldest and largest of the Manhattan Construction Group companies, was founded in 1896 in Oklahoma Territory.

Today, OMB honors the heritage associated with both the Osage Nation and Manhattan Construction Company.

Operated as a small business entity, OMB’s offices are managed separate from the Osage Nation and Manhattan Construction Company; however, both parent organizations have committed to long-term success, agreeing to provide the necessary resources to fully develop a combined vision:

  1. Manhattan Construction Company’s Standard Operating Procedures for personnel, project management, quality control and accounting have been mirrored in OMB.
  2. Dedicated, key personnel, with track-proven Construction Management experience, have been assigned by Manhattan Construction Company. Over time, these key personnel supplied by MCC will mentor both Osage and Non-Osage Native American employees to further enhance their construction management capabilities and equip them to be successful in the commercial construction industry.
  3. A working plan has been created to gradually minimize the financial participation by both parent companies, to place OMB in a position of full financial independence within three years.

By choosing OMB, you’ll partner with an all-inclusive, Native-American construction firm that provides construction management services with focused expertise.

Our unique association creates a rare strength from our entrepreneurship as a tribal entity, through the dedication to success of both parent companies, as well as over a century of construction experience which Manhattan Construction Company brings to our venture.

Our safety-oriented team of professionals has significant expertise in construction management, possesses a flawless record of on-time and fast-tracked projects, and specializes in creating team environments, establishing positive dynamics, and maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation within our project communities.

Like Manhattan, our company culture is founded on the fundamental belief that we must satisfy our clients’ expectations to be successful. The result of this culture is a high level of commitment to our clients and communities, and a proactive attitude throughout the organization.